Smell the Roses

So much time wasted on worry
Years of not seeing what was in front of me
Constant tribulation about what the future held
Never to stop and appreciate living in the present

So much out of our control
We can work hard and make changes along the way
Are these changes that are meant to be, I wonder
Never to stop and appreciate living in the present

So many what ifs this or that happens
So many tears, despair, and hurt from disappointment
Clouding all possibilities of accomplished dreams
Never to stop and appreciate living in the present

What’s done is done, nothing can be changed now
There are no guarantees of another day
There can be no predicting or manipulating the future
It is time to stop and appreciate living in the present

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The state of our world
I cringe
Hunger, violence, homelessness, bullying
I cry
Human beings need compassion
I seek
The rich get richer, the poor poorer
I shake
What if the abundance of funds were funneled
I wonder
What if greed no longer existed
I smile
Will never happen, but so many could be helped
I know
What if we could trust our politicians
I ask
What if there was honesty and less corruption
I jump

Action is needed over talk

People killing each other
Evil all around goodness
Will never be gone
This is human nature
Is it possible to take the compassion
With action to stamp out some evil
I hope
I pray
I take action

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Man vs. Woman

From the side I stare
Covering is beautiful
Red, gold, and floral
Pillows thrown over
Many sizes, all matching
Searching the vision I seek

A place of comfort
for rest and love
Slide into as darkness appears
Crawl out with the morning sun
This day is incomplete
Without the order I crave

Observing my special gem
Wincing with frustration and knowing
Not straight, not as it should be
Not hidden, a bit of tan
Crooked and peeking out
The peace I seek eludes

Organization often a woman’s need
Tidiness, cleanliness, perfection
Leaves me with satisfaction
Security of the nest I love
Pride and pleasure abound
Silliness of the highest degree

Today I scowl
Unevenness and disarray
He made it so, such a good man
giving and hardworking
Remembers little of small
Necessary details I so require

My heart swells with love
Joyous sensation washes over me
The thought of all he does
Perfect father, no sacrifice
Too small, lovely husband
Wanting and needing to please

Leaves me with wonder
Although the answer is known
Not the same care and respect
For the sanctuary I crave

Learn and abide not his will
Fulfill my unreasonable request
Time taken, check it twice
Preserve my cozy treasure

Just make the bed correctly!


Rules, authority, guilt
The Bible says
How am I to be certain?

Rituals, symbols, sin
Father teaches us
Can a priest be trusted?

Love, grace, acceptance
All beautiful ideas
Should we believe the unseen?

Churches, tithing, scandal
Sometimes go together
Why corruption in the world?

Creation, beauty, wonder
Glorious to behold
Where can I share my convictions?

Faith, love, all-knowing
Gives internal peace
What will you do for salvation?

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There was a time in my life
The massive world before me
Windows opened for the climb
Falcon through air, winged beauty

Now fading like light during sunset
Battles fought, young spirit adrift
Time looking more like a threat
Childlike vision no longer a gift

Changes clear, reflections of truth
Gravity winning the war
Hands on the clock steals my youth
Like paper strange images tore

Is it over; is there still time
Mind can’t fathom reality
New visions; not in my prime
Weighing in on mortality

Perhaps this fear and retreat
Betrayal deep; my own doing
Notions no longer so sweet
Point of view my own brewing

Inevitable is this shift
Circle of life; dust to dust
Fought the war, memories swift
Rewards a life I must trust

The Tree

Branches and twigs strong and brown
In every direction no compass around
Leaves the color nature gives so freely
Swaying as the wind whispers ideally
Standing as the crowning glory of honor
Surrounded by others given to fawner
Many years old improving with age
Extrinsic beauty only God can stage


Forgotten Child No Longer

Eyes of brown, no sparkle or sheen
Hair tight to face, dark and unclean
Child of neglect, heartbreaking behavior
Child forgotten, demanding a savior

Too skinny and small, concealing his age
This boy lacking care, wishing to turn a page
Child in need, heartbreaking behavior
Child abandoned, demanding a savior

Covered in fabric, all requiring launder
Dreaming of someplace else, only to wander
Child in pain, heartbreaking behavior
Child of God, demanding a savior

Youngsters romping around, no thoughts of the boy
Happy dwellings to return, bellies to fill with savoy
Child alone, no change in behavior
Child hopeless, desperate for a savior

Easier to mask, truth will be uncovered
Some attention paid, easily discovered
Child unknown, unsuitable behavior
Child with worth, will there be no savior

Acting out unprepared, easier to scream
Body of injury, true family but a dream
Child of value, improper behavior
Child of future, in need of a savior

Another approaches, big smile on face
Asking the boy, to sit near his space
Child of benefit, slight change in behavior
Child of friendship, chance of  a savior

Sharing her lunch, selfless this sweet girl
For she knew indifference, heart of a pearl
Child of notice, more change in behavior
Child of quality, yes, finding a savior

Spending time together, discussions abound
Understanding each other, commonalities found
Child of empathy, appropriate behavior
Child of hope, all it took a true savior

Kindness costs little, a difference it makes
Sharing of oneself, often all it takes
Child of beauty, wonderful behavior
Child of love, happiness with a savior

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Shiny, beads of color, silver and
Gems of rarity, sought out and
Shapes and dimensions given a
Parts of one, ten, more or less than
Worn for adornment for others to
Queens, princesses, commoners
Value of wealth, some simply
Some necks without, others quite
Simple and intricate both for
Boastfully worn meant to
A concept so simple certainly
Of this be sure many have
Decoration often thought as
How can we not love a dog with a

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Delicious History Lesson

Chris Columbus known to discover
Prince Philip of Spain, some will argue
In Europe, it spread, then and forever
Now worldwide for always on cue

Different shades of brown all the way to white
The search, the desire, the need to satisfy
From darkness of night, all the way to the light
Antioxidants abound, some not I cannot lie

Bitter, sweet, varieties to create
Royalty, nobles, warriors, and soldiers
Select few centuries ago; not so of late
South America, a place for what cures

In search by many a woman and man
The solid, the melted, all types for indulgence
The mood will change and smiles will land
The craving appears, quite often intense

Fermentation, roasting, drying in the sun
Crushed to a powder with cacao anew
First boxful by Cadbury; now by the ton
Favorite to many and unknown to few


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