Man vs. Woman

From the side I stare
Covering is beautiful
Red, gold, and floral
Pillows thrown over
Many sizes, all matching
Searching the vision I seek

A place of comfort
for rest and love
Slide into as darkness appears
Crawl out with the morning sun
This day is incomplete
Without the order I crave

Observing my special gem
Wincing with frustration and knowing
Not straight, not as it should be
Not hidden, a bit of tan
Crooked and peeking out
The peace I seek eludes

Organization often a woman’s need
Tidiness, cleanliness, perfection
Leaves me with satisfaction
Security of the nest I love
Pride and pleasure abound
Silliness of the highest degree

Today I scowl
Unevenness and disarray
He made it so, such a good man
giving and hardworking
Remembers little of small
Necessary details I so require

My heart swells with love
Joyous sensation washes over me
The thought of all he does
Perfect father, no sacrifice
Too small, lovely husband
Wanting and needing to please

Leaves me with wonder
Although the answer is known
Not the same care and respect
For the sanctuary I crave

Learn and abide not his will
Fulfill my unreasonable request
Time taken, check it twice
Preserve my cozy treasure

Just make the bed correctly!

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