Forgotten Child No Longer

Eyes of brown, no sparkle or sheen
Hair tight to face, dark and unclean
Child of neglect, heartbreaking behavior
Child forgotten, demanding a savior

Too skinny and small, concealing his age
This boy lacking care, wishing to turn a page
Child in need, heartbreaking behavior
Child abandoned, demanding a savior

Covered in fabric, all requiring launder
Dreaming of someplace else, only to wander
Child in pain, heartbreaking behavior
Child of God, demanding a savior

Youngsters romping around, no thoughts of the boy
Happy dwellings to return, bellies to fill with savoy
Child alone, no change in behavior
Child hopeless, desperate for a savior

Easier to mask, truth will be uncovered
Some attention paid, easily discovered
Child unknown, unsuitable behavior
Child with worth, will there be no savior

Acting out unprepared, easier to scream
Body of injury, true family but a dream
Child of value, improper behavior
Child of future, in need of a savior

Another approaches, big smile on face
Asking the boy, to sit near his space
Child of benefit, slight change in behavior
Child of friendship, chance of  a savior

Sharing her lunch, selfless this sweet girl
For she knew indifference, heart of a pearl
Child of notice, more change in behavior
Child of quality, yes, finding a savior

Spending time together, discussions abound
Understanding each other, commonalities found
Child of empathy, appropriate behavior
Child of hope, all it took a true savior

Kindness costs little, a difference it makes
Sharing of oneself, often all it takes
Child of beauty, wonderful behavior
Child of love, happiness with a savior

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