Against the Wall

Deep yearning yet nothing but disappointment

Anxious to serve others and be of use

Still lonely patiently waiting

Not to be forgotten, rather benefit

Against the wall you sit

Sleek, lean, quiet, and sturdy

The color of night, jet black with no fading

No wear, shiny still, small particles of dust

In a forever sleep waiting to be awakened

Memories of excitement when new

The switch would be moved to on

Progress shown in bright illumination

Firm but comfortable seat,

Pedals to fill each foot

Cables strung throughout,

Handles for arms, so much potential

Drips of sweat would enlighten

Smells not a problem and expected

The comfort of heavy breathing sounds

More energy a desired result

Not made for hanging an unworn mat

Space not perfect as it seems for the roller

Looking new in purposeful anticipation

This beautiful machine on cold tile

So why still sitting, this heart rate helper

Not a piece of furniture, nor a place to forget

Goals can be set, success a new feeling

If only this beautiful bike would emerge again!


Wow, it’s been awhile! I have been living my life with family, friends, crafting, napping, exercise, food logging, watching British mystery and crime shows, Netflix, Prime Video, and Covid fears! I have to say I do enjoy the freedom of retirement, but do try to keep busy.

I suddenly felt the desire to write and check in with my blog. I haven’t written poetry or anything for close to a couple years. I just didn’t feel it. Do I now? Yes, but I am again unsure about my focus. I have had several blogs through the years, each with some kind of focus. This will take some thought. Do I feel like writing poetry, personal news, stories, what?

I will be leaving for Book Club in a few minutes so I will end here and come back a bit later. In the meantime

Be happy and safe!