About Niecy

I have no idea if I have any talent.  I really do not, but I do love to write.  I write in personal journals. I write in response to prompts. I write short stories and poetry. I just write. I decided to put myself out there for some constructive criticism. I would love to meet other writers.

I am a 55ish old retired, middle-school teacher, mother, and wife. I read, craft, exercise, cook, see movies, volunteer my time, and write.  Retirement was brought upon me earlier than expected due to illness; however, I am not ready to sit in a rocking chair and wait for death.

Where did the title, Zebra or Polka Dots and More come from? It’s a bit silly but makes sense to me. I like pedicures and go to a very creative woman. She takes care of my feet and loves to do different designs on my toes. She has given me zebra toes, polka dot toes, snowmen and Christmas tree toes, and more. I love to see what she is in the mood for when I visit.  That’s all. The title has nothing to do with writing exactly, but rather with creativity.

Friends call me Niecy.

Thank you for dropping by!

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