Delicious History Lesson

Chris Columbus known to discover

Prince Philip of Spain, can be argued

Europe, it spread, then and forever

Now worldwide for always on cue

Different shades of brown all the way to white

The search, the desire, the need to satisfy

From darkness of night, all the way to the light

Antioxidants abound, some not I  cannot lie

Bitter, sweet, varieties to create

Royalty, nobles, warriors, and soldiers

Select few centuries ago; not so of late

South America, a place for what cures

In search by many a woman and man

The solid, the melted, all types for indulgence

The mood will change and smiles will land

The craving appears, quite often intense

Fermentation, roasting, drying in the sun

Crushed to a powder with cacao anew

First boxful by Cadbury; now by the ton

Favorite to many and unknown to few



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