Bellicose Destiny

April, 2014 – DAnthony2

As the Serpent chews its tail,
and the Phoenix shakes off the ash,
The tides of War do begin to clash,
playing out a recurring tale:

A Fire burns in the hearts of all men,
one that separates and then,
The battlefield lines are drawn,
good against evil, black against white,
The soldiers lined up, each a pawn,
itching to join their “noble” fight.

Freedom, Justice, Equality,
all masks for the worst impurity
game of lives like a game of chess,
a simple move is a violent mess,
One that leaders won’t confess,
the truth of its necessity.

“Kill for our country and for our rights!”
“Kill so they don’t kill us!”
“Kill because their existence is a fuss!”
are the cries of honored knights.

We fought a king and won a nation
we fought each other and lost our way
And after the Towers fell that day
we came together for an extermination

“Is it right to fight?” asks a child and his brother,
“Of course, if you fight for what’s right,” says their mother.

“What is right?” reads
a soldier’s epitaph

Aries responds with a mirthful laugh:

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