Hello world!

I am new to Word Press and am trying to figure out all the ways to customize my blog. At this point, it is a work in progress and quite plain. Bear with me while I learn about Word Press and how to navigate the site.

I have read many blogs. I know the best ones have a focus on something of value to readers. Personal journal blogs are wonderful and good for the soul. They give a writer a way to record his or her life events, thoughts, and feelings. They do not, however, have a lot of value to others. For that reason, my personal blog is separate from this one.

I mentioned focus in a blog. You will find blogs on almost any subject your heart desires – art, photography, health and fitness, travel, pets, humor, cooking, technology – the list is endless. The focus of this blog will be writing. It will be my own space to practice different forms of writing for improvement. Constructive criticism would be welcomed and I hope to meet other writers through the process. I want to improve and eventually publish.

My 17 year old son also writes and quite well. I may post his work here as well. We often sit and explore an idea together, which you can imagine is very special to me. His name, DAnthony2, will appear on any piece he writes or co-authors. I am Denise. Friends often call me Niecy.

I sincerely hope some of the work in this blog will be of interest to readers. Please follow and comment if you enjoy reading something. You may also reach me by email: djdlafave@yahoo.com.

Thank you for taking time to stop by!

Thank you for dropping by!

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