I am just writing a quick post to say I have written a short true story. It is in the revision stage, but the major work is done and I’m excited! This story is autobiographical beginning shortly before I met my husband and married. The focus is really about the difficulties of having children after a diagnosis of a serious disease. It sounds very sad, and is to a point, but the rest of the story is inspiring and joyful. I want to try to sell it to a magazine that looks for inspirational true stories. That work comes later.

Right now, I have two friends looking at it and plan to ask my sister-in-law to give me her thoughts. All three are big readers and intelligent women. Two are writers, one published, the other not. I want readers to be touched and have a tearful experience while reading. (My husband read it and a few tears developed.)  We all need a goal in our writing and a focus on our audience, right?

More coming on this project later. I hope all you writers out there are in the midst of interesting projects as well.


Looking For and Thinking About Book/Plot Ideas

Working behind the scenes a bit lately. I am working on ideas for a book or short story. No doubt, poetry is easier for me to write; however, I cannot give up the thought of a book because it is challenging. If it was simple, everyone would be doing it.

I am also working on Master Class with James Patterson, an online class I enrolled in. There are some homework assignments that I need to work on. Perhaps I will share them here.

Some of the people I am following are spitting out pieces right and left. God bless them, but right now it is not working that way for me.

So, just checking in and will be back writing soon.


Checking In

When does someone say, “I am a writer?” Now.

Confidence is  one of difficult things for writers to feel; however, if you are writing, you are a writer. I have to keep reminding myself of that as I move forward. I can only get better by doing it. What am I working on presently? A poem and throwing around ideas for a book. Those writers who continuously spit out pieces are amazing. I’m not there yet, but I am a writer and I am working behind the scenes a bit. I am also taking an online course called Master Class with James Patterson. Time to get back to work, but wanted to drop in and say hello.


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