I am just writing a quick post to say I have written a short true story. It is in the revision stage, but the major work is done and I’m excited! This story is autobiographical beginning shortly before I met my husband and married. The focus is really about the difficulties of having children after a diagnosis of a serious disease. It sounds very sad, and is to a point, but the rest of the story is inspiring and joyful. I want to try to sell it to a magazine that looks for inspirational true stories. That work comes later.

Right now, I have two friends looking at it and plan to ask my sister-in-law to give me her thoughts. All three are big readers and intelligent women. Two are writers, one published, the other not. I want readers to be touched and have a tearful experience while reading. (My husband read it and a few tears developed.)  We all need a goal in our writing and a focus on our audience, right?

More coming on this project later. I hope all you writers out there are in the midst of interesting projects as well.


Little One

Rush Hour

Alert beady black eyes

Soft fur of brown and white

Whiskers twitching at attention

Nose carefully guiding the way

Ears perfectly round like quarters

Cheeks swollen for survival

Scurrying through the grass

The little one knows what is coming


Cold, biting, angry weather

He will sleep soundly through

But for now an important task

Must prepare his food chamber

Grains, roots, plants, and insects

Collected and stored deliberately

Strength and warmth required

The little one knows what is coming

Photo credit: http://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2015/11/images-from-the-2016-sony-world-photography-awards/

Lonely Books


Dusty, torn, tattered
Bounty a genre shared
Eyes of many perused
Words anxiously prepared
Pictures of every hue

Younger days passed
Swiftly by adventure
Mystery, romance, tragedy
Sometimes even a clencher
Held at attention by gravity

Old, used, dog-eared
Split pages all abound
Spine ripped, unglued
Knowledge still found
Substance for every mood

New pushes aside old
Progress, growth, technology
Birth of Kindle, new object
Treasure replaced, no apology
Fossils ignored and wrecked

Historical and seasoned
Rarity also a gift
Hearts ready to resign
Anticipating a shift
Library, forgotten shrine

photo credit: http://stpatricka2.org/info/30-good-books/

How Do We Move On


Paralyzed by tragedy
Stricken with reality

Our world is in chaos
As if in an ugly séance

We all cry and mourn
No answers in this storm

The world continues to turn
While hearts on slow burn

One catastrophe turns into another
France today, brother hurting brother

More souls crushed in an instant
Too close for something so distant

Too many lives shattered
As if no lives matter

No reason for this madness
Tears flowing not of gladness

We ask how to move on
With so many now gone

Last week it was brutality
Searching souls for morality

Many a badge gunned down
A proud but wounded town

At high volume yell and shove
“Where is the peace and love?”

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Solitude becomes friendly
Alonman-mountain-solitudeeness not at all loneliness

Quiet delivers peace
Silence with careful reflection

Seclusion provides communion
Emptiness filled with careful prayer

Separateness from life’s pace
Withdrawal allows time to release

Listening to nothingness
Lacking all commotion of routines

Sounds explored never before
Searching ears answered with tranquility

A gift all can receive
Willingness needing only a pause

Solitude becomes friendly
Aloneness not at all loneliness

photo credit: http://www.becomingminimalist.com/


Smell the Roses

So much time wasted on worry
Years of not seeing what was in front of me
Constant tribulation about what the future held
Never to stop and appreciate living in the present

So much out of our control
We can work hard and make changes along the way
Are these changes that are meant to be, I wonder
Never to stop and appreciate living in the present

So many what ifs this or that happens
So many tears, despair, and hurt from disappointment
Clouding all possibilities of accomplished dreams
Never to stop and appreciate living in the present

What’s done is done, nothing can be changed now
There are no guarantees of another day
There can be no predicting or manipulating the future
It is time to stop and appreciate living in the present

photo credit:http://stayingintouch.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/hi-today.jpg


The state of our world
I cringe
Hunger, violence, homelessness, bullying
I cry
Human beings need compassion
I seek
The rich get richer, the poor poorer
I shake
What if the abundance of funds were funneled
I wonder
What if greed no longer existed
I smile
Will never happen, but so many could be helped
I know
What if we could trust our politicians
I ask
What if there was honesty and less corruption
I jump

Action is needed over talk

People killing each other
Evil all around goodness
Will never be gone
This is human nature
Is it possible to take the compassion
With action to stamp out some evil
I hope
I pray
I take action

photo credit: http://www.stephaniefernandezart.com/photos/undefined/4-2.jpg